We took a stand to return to the quality and craft that so many of us value and love. Our traceable journey begins with our beloved South Australian soil and sheep and extends through to Victoria and New Zealand with the eventual creation of our premium garment. It truly is one of a kind, made with love and made to last.

Wyndhurst Map

Natural & Comfortable

Our soil health is maintained with no synthetic chemicals or fertilisers, just nutrition following organic farming practises. Wyndhurst woolen fibres are a fine micron for beautiful softness  are naturally breathable, reacting to the body’s changing temperature, adapts to both the heat and the cold.

Trace it all over

Our traceability starts with growing our own wool, SRS merino is a breed of merino sheep that has a superior comfort factor to other breeds of merino due to the natural crimp of the fibre. SRS sheep don’t require mulesing and the farming practices adopted at the Wyndhurst Estate ensure the wool is chemical free as possible, from the soil health to the manufacturing.

Made to Endure

Our garments are made using the latest in Seamless technology – no seams means less stress on the garment, and the natural antibacterial properties of wool results in less washing – meaning less wear on the garment and longer lasting .

A Renewable Garment

Sheep naturally produce a new fleece making wool a renewable fibre. Wyndhurst merino wool garments can be added to organic compost, as wool fibres are completely biodegradable. We will also show you how to repair your garment here.