Wyndhurst Knitwear is a modern Australian tale. A story of modernity, of fashion, of the new Australia and reflecting a contemporary vision of knitwear.

Inspired by the generations of Byerlee’s at the Wyndhurst Estate and their stories of country and community, Wyndhurst Knitwear showcases the beautiful SRS merino yarn of the estate and stays true to the simplicity and elegance of a bygone era. Every step of the Wyndhurst Knitwear supply chain is fully traceable and ethical. 

Drawing inspiration from both the family archive and the new generation of entrepreneurial farmers. Wyndhurst Knitwear blends the vintage with the contemporary, representing the cycles of life, farming and fashion.  Each cycle improving and innovating.  Wyndhurst Knitwear is stylish and practical, paying respect to the unique breed of merino wool by creating simple garment silhouettes, beautiful stitch structures and sophisticated detail. Just as the women of Wyndhurst Estate used to knit for the family, now the new generation of Byerlee’s will knit for the world.
Manufactured with the latest in Japanese Seamless Knitwear Technology our manufacturing processes are state of the art and creates almost zero waste, maximum comfort and are designed with intelligence. Seamless technology allows the knitwear to be created with no seams and is entirely finished on the machine, with minimal manual labor, creating almost zero waste and is completely ethical. The colour palette drawn from the colours of the Estate, androgynous with a hint of gendered colour highlights. The colour palette is transeasonal and cross generational reflecting the rich burnt orange of the soil, deep greens of the shrubs and eucalypts, and moody greys of the rare stormy skies all on the estate eagerly await. 
Wyndhurst is not only a farmers favourite but a hipsters homage to craft. Made to last for generations not just one season.